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Oracle ERP Solutions

Korrect Technology can install, configure, integrate, and support the following Oracle E-Business Suite ERP applications for your business:
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  Order Management
  Internet Procurement
  Supply Chain Planning
  Human Resources Management Systems

Oracle Financials is a set of solutions designed for accounting, treasury, project management, travel management, and strategic planning. They provide the tools your company needs to thrive and succeed in today's economy.

The Oracle Financials suite encompasses:  

  •   - a comprehensive asset accounting system  

  •   - tools for integrating Oracle applications with third-party applications both inside and outside your

  •   - a complete application for financial reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning

  •   - business intelligence systems that provide an overview of your financial information

  •   - a general ledger system for global data management

  •   - a comprehensive real estate management solution that automates and enhances properties definition, 
        space utilization management, and lease administration

  •   - a multi-source financial consolidation tool

  •   - a tool for implementing invoicing and collections functions

  •   - a complete accounts payable solution

  •   - systems for managing time, travel, and expenses.

Korrect Technology understands that to be successful today, your business has to operate at maximal efficiency. Oracle's Projects applications allow you to do just that. They provide an integrated project management environment that supports the full lifecycle of every project in your enterprise.

With Oracle Projects, you'll increase top-line revenue growth and bottom-line profitability. Oracle Projects enables you to lower activity costs, manage project lifecycles, manage enterprise profitability, and make better decisions.


Korrect Technology understands the challenges facing today's manufacturing businesses. In order to gain a strategic advantage, these businesses must leverage the strengths of their manufacturing processes. To manage the information connected with those processes, Oracle provides a comprehensive set of solutions.

These solutions work together on one ERP backbone and work concurrently for maximum efficiency. Fully integrated with Oracle's E-business Suite, these solutions work in Flow Manufacturing, Project Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, and mass customization. Businesses that use these solutions enjoy a competitive advantage in today's volatile marketplace.

Order Management  

If sales administration and distribution operations slow down, your business will suffer. Particularly in today's e-marketplace, these functions are vital. Oracle Order Management can help you increase productivity of these functions and improve customer service.

Oracle Order Management supports your organization by providing advanced configuration functionality, globally available to promise, flexible pricing support, efficient delivery, high-volume transactions, and flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions.

racle's Order Management solution links Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), giving you an end-to-end integrated enterprise suite -- a suite that works for your e-business from initial contact with the prospect to post-sales service and support.

Internet Procurement  

With a bewildering multitude of procurement options available to you, how can you drive procurement costs down and improve your organizationís bottom line? Oracle's Internet Procurement solution has the answer. It's a solution that helps companies acquire goods and services at the lowest total cost.

Oracle Internet Procurement automates the entire purchasing lifecycle, from planning to purchase to payment. Designed for production and non-production procurement, this solution can lower costs and increase efficiencies through complete purchasing activity analysis and 100 percent procure-to-pay process automation.

Oracle Internet Procurement enables you to:

















  • reduce direct transaction costs

  • reduce indirect infrastructure expenses

  • simplify catalogue management

  • minimize contract leakage

  • shorten order cycles

  • enhance purchasing analysis

  • integrate enterprise information

  • strengthen supplier collaboration

Supply Chain Planning  
Korrect Technology understands that creating a web store is only the first step in transforming your business into a successful e-business. The real challenge is to create an efficient, responsive supply chain that links all customers, suppliers, factories, warehouses, distributors, carriers and other trading partners.

The true test: Can you deliver high quality, customized products, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost? Oracle Supply Chain-related applications enable you to use the Internet to collaborate across your extended network of trading partners and deliver maximum value to your customer -- what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. These applications will give your organization global visibility as they promote instantaneous information exchange all across the supply chain.

Here's how they work. Sales channels place orders with distribution sites. Those sites use multiple supply alternatives to satisfy the orders. With comprehensive support for electronic commerce, including electronic data interchange (EDI) and the World Wide Web, Oracle E-Business Suite applications help enterprises complete the automation of both internal and outsourced supply-chain functions.

Human Resources Management Systems  
What is the backbone of any organization? Itís people. People produce and sell the goods and provide the services. To be a successful business, you have to manage your human resources carefully. Well-managed human resources directly improve the bottom line and contribute to competitive advantage.

Oracle's Human Resource Management System (HRMS) suite of applications helps you manage the information associated with your HR Department. The link process automation with complete information access provides fast answers to hard questions; they cover all HR-related matters from payroll to benefits, to training administration.

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